These videos were produced by the Perry County, Indiana College Success Coalition to introduce students
to rewarding, in-demand careers available right here in Perry County.

Electrical Technician
In the manufacturing industry, the job of Electrical Technician has evolved to include programming robots and human-machine interfaces.

Information Technology
Information Technology specialists in the manufacturing industry not only maintain the internal computer and communications network, but write computer programs to monitor
production systems.

Project Engineering
Project Engineers design, install and integrate advanced mechanical systems for manufacturing. Efficiency, ergonomics and safety are key.

Tooling Engineering
Tooling Engineers design and build the specific templates and tooling needed for manufacturing each part a company produces.

Obstetrics and Oncology Nurses at Perry County Memorial Hospital tell about the rewarding careers available in nursing.

America's small businesses (and many big businesses) came about through entrepreneurs seeing the needs of their community and filling those needs.

Many area businesses provide internships for students to learn about careers while still in school. Interning allows a student to judge if a particular career is a good fit, while building a resumé and real-world employment experience.

Environmental Science
Audra interned at Waupaca Foundry as she pursued a degree in Environmental Science, a field necessary for companies to monitor their environmental impact.

Lean Manufacturing
Ian interned at Waupaca Foundry while attending college for Lean Manufacturing, studying processes to make manufacturing safer and more efficient.

Health Services
Korey interned at Waupaca foundry while pursuing a career in Health Services, the administration sector of health care for businesses, hospitals and nursing homes.

Project Engineer
Evan interned at Waupaca Foundry while pursuing a degree in mechanical engineering. He used CAD and 3D programs to design mechanical systems as well as supervising their installation.